ForexPundit may amend the agreement at any time by posting a quick announcement and a revised version will be on our website. Your privacy policy is already updated in Privacy Policy Page. The information we take from you, we never store it to any server. In the meantime, the information we take (Name, Address, Email and Phone number) is only for bookkeeping and for reporting to the Swedish Tax Agency if they ask for.

ForexPundit is a consultancy service firm that provides valuable service to clients but it never forces a customer to put any trade. Every customer has their thoughts and knowledge that they should apply before investing money. What we provide is the sources and data that help them to take quick decisions for trading and getting pips in Forex and stock market.

1. Service Policy:

1.1Eligibility: To be eligible to be a part of the ForexPundit family, you must be at least 18 years old and must not be a politically exposed person. You must ensure your age and you can trade under pressure.

1.2 Information: To be a member of ForexPundit, you must have to provide us your full name, address, phone number, and email address. We are not exposing or sell your information to anyone else. Note: we just take your information only for reporting the Swedish Tax Agency if they ask for. If you make any payment by our website, please note, we never store any information about your debit/credit card.

1.3 Beneficial: You as a payee will be the benefits of our service and ForexPundit has the right to remove or cancel your subscription anytime if they want or the company loses its reputation because of your unusual activities.

1.4 Refund Policy: If ForexPundit is unable to provide the sources, data, real-time charts worth of 1000 pips, the customer may request a refund. In this case, the customer must need to provide his account history and show that he didn’t take more than 1% risk in trade and Forexpundit is going to refund the subscription fee up to 300SEK.

2.Risk Management:

2.1 Risk management: Never take more than 1% Risk on each trade. This indicates, if the stop loss hit or the trade you lose, you will not lose more than 1% of your equity. Always try to use Break-Even when your trade is in 30 pips profit.

2.2 Responsible Trading: Responsible trading applies to everyone. You should not do overtrade and use a higher volume that if you make a loss, you cannot accept. Keep track of your time and your trade.

2.3 Understanding: You should understand the reason behind the trade and the chance of your winning/losing on the trade.

2.4 Trading Limits: You should know your trading limits. You should not hamper your other works if you are not doing Forex or Stock trading as your main business.

2.5  Morality: Never trade when you have been drinking alcohol, driving on the car or if you are sad or depressed, as this can impair your decision making.